price :1160
.Using SLF technology system
.40 Hz – 350 Hz frequency
.One of the newest and most powerful pulse systems of 2019
.Includes 3 search coils: 14 inches, waterproof 20 inches and 120*120 coil.
.2*2 coil for increasing depth (optional and purchasable)
.Very Light weight and portable
.Ability of identifying and separating metals like gold, silver, copper, bronze and etc. accurately by code numbers or a graph
.Ability of identifying tiny metals like coins 60 cm underground
.It operates in holes, caves and small closed areas
.Functioning in -200 C and +500 C temperature
.Eliminating particles and minerals till 85 percent
.16.4 volt, 2600 mA Lithium Battery with 9 hours' response in worst conditions 
.Adjusting frequency manually to eliminate environment noises
.Automatic and manual balance, adjusting voice and light of the screen, sensitivity, sound type, automatic and manual ground balance
.Ability of detecting holes and empty spaces in the ground
.A software which can be installed on Android operating system and connects by Bluetooth, to detect targets and perform adjustment by another operator             
.Very light weight handle made of carbon fiber which is resistant against possible impacts
.A unit holder for persons which intend put the unit on the handle
.Persian and English manual instruction
.2 years guarantee and 3 years supporting services